20 May 2024

A disagreement is unfolding in Claremont over a plan to build a 32-unit housing complex for homeless individuals at 731 Harrison Avenue. Some local residents are upset and want the property owner, Pilgrim Place, to stop the sale of the land to the developer, Jamboree Housing. The developer plans to create a four-story building near a park and a Quaker meeting house, with apartments and services for the homeless.

The conflict started when the city agreed to give $1.5 million to Jamboree Housing last year to build the complex. But now, a group of residents, organized as “Safe and Transparent Claremont,” is saying they were left out of the decision and worry about the safety of their community. They’re asking Pilgrim Place to cancel the ongoing sale immediately to avoid problems.

While these residents insist they’re not against helping homeless people, they want a say in the process. They think Pilgrim Place should make sure the community is safe and that homeless individuals get the right support. The group is worried that if the sale goes through, it might cause serious issues for the neighborhood.

Jamboree Housing’s project, named Larkin Place, plans to have 24 one-bedroom apartments and eight studio apartments for homeless residents. They want to provide support like counseling and life skills training to help these individuals get back on their feet.

Despite the opposition, the Claremont City Council has approved the project, and it’s set to begin construction in February, aiming to open in 2025. Pilgrim Place, the organization that owns the property, is standing firm in its decision to sell the land to Jamboree Housing. They say this aligns with their goal of helping people in need.